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Six Step Strategy for Leaving an Inheritance- Step One: The Transfer Decision

by Mike Jette on Apr 4, 2018

The story goes that shortly after his death someone asked John D. Rockefeller’s accountant, “How much did he leave?” His accountant replied “all of it.” Who knows if this conversation took place but no one can dispute the fact that when we die we don’t take any of our stuff with us, no matter what our last names is. It is all left behind!

Do Good & Save Taxes

by Mike Jette on Mar 28, 2018

The chance to get a deduction often motivates charitable givers to become even more generous. But under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, far fewer taxpayers will itemize deductions when they file their tax returns for 2018—and beyond—compared with 2017. The Council on Foundations estimates that the new rules may decrease charitable giving in the U.S.

Making Good Decisions

by Mike Jette on May 11, 2017

One of the most formidable barriers to a great ROL is poor decisions. The key to making better decisions is a learned repeatable process. When you think about it a financial plan is really just a series of pre-made decisions. This is the first article in a series exploring some helpful steps for making decisions with better outcomes.

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