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Kids & Money

by Ben Ganson on Jul 23, 2021

One of the most rewarding investments I have made over the years has been helping kids understand how money works. I periodically teach a finance class to local high school students and I also love seeing my own three children grow in their financial understanding and wisdom. As many of my clients can attest, while leaving a financial inheritance is nice, giving our descendants the tools to manage wealth wisely is critical!


Here are three things I have learned as I have walked alongside young people in their financial stewardship journey:

Fear vs. Hope

by Mike Jette on Apr 24, 2020

Fear is a powerful emotion.
Our country and the world are awash in fear and anxiety as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The constant 24-hour news cycle and proliferation of social media have helped stoke fear that results in all kinds of unhelpful behavior … like the hoarding of toilet paper and emptying of grocery store shelves.
At the same time, it’s been good to see the country pulling together to stem the spread of the virus through social distancing … even if some of it is a result of fear. This strategy will eventually disarm the virus.

Strategies for a Pandemic

by Mike Jette on Feb 26, 2020

The last two days have certainly seen some volatility in financial markets, and we are suddenly all getting used to the word "pandemic". It may surprise you to learn that only two of my clients have reached out to me so far, and both were looking for stocks to buy on this dip… By the way, it is too early and this correction is too small to create buying opportunities as I am writing this.

The New SECURE Act

by Mike Jette on Feb 11, 2020

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act was signed into law on December 20th, 2019. The SECURE Act made a few significant changes to retirement accounts, altered some rules and created new provisions.

Some of the more notable changes in the law that affect our clients include:

A Smart Way to Invest

by Mike Jette on Apr 18, 2019

There is a burgeoning movement on Wall Street advancing the idea that investing in companies with a focus on creating value for others by doing things right... is a smart way to invest. One of those is the mutual fund complex Eventide.

One of Eventide’s core values is the belief investing can be more than just returns. It’s also an opportunity to invest in companies whose products and practices help make the world better.

A Tax Strategy to Get More From RMDs

by Mike Jette on Dec 5, 2018

Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from IRAs—Clients age 70½ or older are permitted to distribute up to $100,000, including the required minimum distribution (RMD) amount, and have it transferred directly to a qualified charity. The distribution is tax-free, although no income tax deduction is allowed. This is a great way for clients with RMDs to avoid the necessity of receiving a “taxable” distribution. 

Qualified Charitable Distribution FAQ 

What is a QCD?

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